Terms of Service

To use HER we need to set some legal ground rules to be clear about what you can and cannot do on HER. These are our legal rules. If you don’t like them,
please don’t use HER. Please make sure you read and understand our terms of service before signing up:

If you have any questions about any of these, just send us an email:

  1. HER is not a place for children. You can’t use HER if you are under 18 years old. There is no flexibility to this rule. If you use HER you are confirming that you are 18 years or over.
  2. You are responsible for your actions. If you use HER you are accepting responsibility for what you do on the app. You won’t break any local laws and you will not try to pass on any responsibility of what you do to HER. If you do break the law, we will pass on your details to the relevant authorities or parties to let them know.
  3. You can’t sign up to HER if you have been convicted of, or are subject to court orders relating to violence, assault, sexual misconduct or harassment. If this is you, DO NOT SIGN UP, JOIN OR USE THE HER APPLICATION.
  4. Play nice. HER has some pretty hard and fast rules about what you are allowed to do on the service. They’re a bit of tough love that we put out there to stop people ruining HER for everyone else. And if you want to play by these rules, then chances are you want to meet other people that play by them too. So all in all, it just makes it a bit better for everyone. If you break any of these rules, we will close your account. No arguments. They are:
    1. No nudes or pornographic shots. This isn’t Chat Roulette. No nipples, vagina or backsides please.
    2. No defamatory content. Don’t go bitching about someone or spreading juicy gossip about them that just isn’t true.
    3. Talk nice. Don’t ask someone for sex, a threesome or any kind of hanky panky. We’re not that kind of service. As in real life, no racism, sexism or criminal discussions on HER.
    4. No underage. You can’t be under 18 and you can’t show pictures of or talk about people under 18 either.
    5. No spam or promotions. Take your business elsewhere. On both accounts.
    6. No viruses. We are trying to build a good service here.
    7. Behave normally. HER is like a bar, or some other real life space where you can meet people. So just act like you normally would. There may be a screen between you and that person now but that doesn’t give you licence to act differently. So just think before you post, type or write, and apply a bit of common sense.
  5. Tell the truth. We take this one pretty seriously. If you have lied about any information on your profile or any information you have shared with another user, we will take you off HER. It’s not our responsibility to check the truthfulness or authenticity of accounts but we will be keeping an eye out for it. Where we will most likely hear about it is from our other users. So if someone else reports you and you are found to be lying or pretending to be someone else, expect to be caught and removed from HER pretty quickly.
  6. Don’t share any of your really personal information. We really hope you wouldn’t, but just a healthy reminder, don’t give anyone your bank details, home address, phone number etc. They’ll probably be trying to rob you.
  7. Don’t steal from other people. We’ve already said you can’t do anything illegal on HER, and stealing would be one example of said illegal stuff. So don’t do it.
  8. Keep your account details and password private. Don’t give anyone your login details. That would be a not-smart thing to do. Your details are only for you to use to access your account. If anyone else logs in as you, we can’t be held responsible for this. So don’t give them to anyone. If you think someone may have accessed your account, send us an email immediately at support@WeAreHer.com and change your password immediately. Like, right now.
  9. Share aware. You need to realise that anything you upload to HER is in the public domain, and can not be kept private – as in anyone will be able to see it. So have a think before you upload any information. We aren’t responsible for what you share but if it breaks any of the rules above, we will remove it, and most likely remove you from the app. And we don’t have to give you warning before we do this. We also aren’t obliged to share the information that you upload. If you try and post something that is against the rules, we will remove the image. No warning.
  10. We are not obliged to monitor how people use HER. We most likely will be keeping an eye on this but we are not obliged to do it, so you can’t rely on the fact that we are.
  11. What’s yours is yours. Any materials you post to HER must be your own and cannot be breaking any copyright laws. If you post it to HER, you are agreeing that this is true.
  12. Anything you see on HER that looks like us, belongs to us. That means the logo, the designs, the content, the reviews. It’s all ours. And if you try and steal it you will be breaking copyright laws. And we’ll probably sue you.
  13. Pretty sure we’ve covered this off already, but just to be clear – you can’t use anyone else’s content from HER. That too will be breaking copyright. You getting the gist of this copyright? If not – send us an email, support@WeAreHer.com and we can have a boring conversation about it. Best to be safe.
  14. We can’t promise you that HER will always be working. Sometimes we will need to make changes, updates or reboot our servers if they crash, so we can’t guarantee that HER will always be available. But we will try to do everything we can to make sure it’s always there. After all, it’s our business and how we make money. So it’s in our interests to keep it running.
  15. You need to realise that when you sign up to HER it’s going to be on your phone all the time. We can’t be responsible for any effect this may have on your phone. Also, if you accept to get push notifications and messages you need to check your mobile phone contract and whether this will be free for you or not. We aren’t responsible for any charges you may get for this.
  16. You might not get access to HER right away. There may be a bit of a delay to get your account up and running, so please bear with us while we process your details. But we also need to warn you, not everyone will be given access to HER. This may be because you live in an area where there aren’t any other HER users yet, or you may not meet certain profile criteria. We will keep hold of your details if these circumstances change but we aren’t going to warn you if your account isn’t activated. We will only tell you when it is. It’s not ideal, but there are a lot of people opening accounts and we can’t respond to everyone.
  17. If you leave HER, we will keep hold of your profile information on our records for a maximum of 6 weeks after you request to close your account or if we have suspended your account. Try emailing us on support@WeAreHer.com to check, but if not, you’ll need to sign up again. We are allowed to delete any content you have posted to HER, but we don’t have to do this. Just so you know.
  18. If someone is acting inappropriately and breaking any of these rules, report them using the ‘Report User’ option on their profile. It’s really important you do this so that we can boot them off. HER is a relatively self-maintained tool – so if you don’t report it, we won’t know there is a problem to be able to take action.
  19. We have some links on HER that we post. If you click on them, you will go to a third party site, and those sites will have different terms of service and privacy policies. You should check these out. We aren’t responsible for what these people post and we don’t always endorse what they post either.
  20. Going to make this one clear again – we aren’t responsible for anything you do on HER. So you can’t sue us and if someone is trying to sue you for what you have done, you can’t blame us and we won’t take responsibility for it. If we have covered it off in the terms above, its not something we will take responsibility for and we have no obligation to.
  21. If we are sued because of your actions on HER, we will defend or settle the claim as we think best, and if necessary we can do this without your consent. If this happens, you are obliged to co-operate with us and provide us with all necessary information so that we can defend ourselves accordingly. You will also confirm that we (and every employee, affiliate and asset owned by HER) are harmless and not responsible for your actions.
  22. As we are not responsible for the content people put on HER, we can’t be held responsible if any viruses or malware attack your computer or phone. This includes if there has been a breach of our security.
  23. If we make any changes to HER or to our terms of service we will put a post on our blog letting you know, or if it’s a big one we will send you an email. So check these two places if you want to know about changes. If you don’t agree with or don’t like any of the changes, stop using HER. Please feel free to send us an email to let us know why, as it’s good to know if you think we’ve screwed up in some way. If you carry on using HER, you are agreeing that you are happy with the new terms and will follow them.

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