Privacy Policy

Last revised February 20, 2015

Personal information is an important issue for a lot of people, and rightly so. We take the greatest care to protect you and your private information and have written this useful Privacy Policy to keep you in the loop about how we will and will not use your data. If you’re not happy with any of these, we suggest you don’t use HER or you can email us on to voice any concerns.

  1. We will not sell your account data or information on to anyone else. End of.
  2. To sign up to HER you have to give us certain information, including your name, email address, Facebook token information and age. As soon as you give us that information and create a profile we will start keeping a record of your data, such as your IP and email address. Mainly because HER wouldn’t work if we didn’t.
  3. We are only here for people aged 18 or over. If you try and sign up and are underage, we will keep hold of your information to stop you from signing up again with different profile information.
  4. If you don’t sign up to HER we won’t collect any information about you but we will put a session ID cookie down so we can see if we can work out why you don’t want to join us. We won’t share this information with anyone.
  5. Think before you upload or post. Once you put something on HER it’s up there, out for everyone to see. So we suggest that you use common sense here. Don’t put up any of your private or personal information, and think about what you share. Pictures might give away more than you think. Look at our Terms and Conditions to see what our rules are about this. If you put up anything that breaks these rules we will take it down and will be at liberty to cancel your account.
  6. HER is a location-based app. So we need to know your location for it to work. Because of this we will store your IP and literal location details (longitude, latitude etc.). If you don’t want this to happen, please don’t use HER.
  7. When you sign up to HER using Facebook, it will give us access to see your Facebook profile and usage. If that bothers you, don’t sign up to HER.
  8. We’re also going to hold on to and maintain your data if you send us any feedback, report anything on HER or generally get in touch. It just means we can reply to you and know who you are.
  9. Cookies. This one is a bit more complex but stick with it. Firstly, for HER to work we will put a session ID cookie on your mobile phone. This lets us see how you are using it so we can work out how to make our service better. We will also put a permanent cookie on your login details so you don’t have to sign in every time. Some of our partners will also put cookies on our site which we don’t monitor or control. If you want to know more about this get in touch at and we’ll let you know more about it. If you aren’t ok with cookies being on your phone, you shouldn’t use HER. That’s how we work, learn and grow. It’s not for us to abuse. But if you’re not cool with that, don’t sign up. We will use the information you share with us about your profile and how you use the app so that we can see who’s using HER and how. It will teach us how to make it better which is important. This profile we hold for you will also allow us to send you the right kind of advertising. Which is a good thing. It means you’ll only see the kind of stuff you are in to. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, don’t use HER.
  10. If you’ve done something illegal, we will supply your information to the relevant authorities if requested.
  11. If we get bought out or merge with another company we will need to supply your personal information to that company.
  12. We treat your personal information seriously and have a number of security practices in place to protect your information. If we get hacked however, we cannot take responsibility for your data. Although we do everything we can to prevent something like that happening, we also can’t guarantee the protection of your information when it is being transmitted to us, or elsewhere.
  13. If you do something a bit silly that might effect the security of your account, like give your password to someone else, let us know on as soon as you can so we can try to limit the damage. Change your password immediately as well.
  14. It’s good practice to change your password frequently, so we suggest you do that.
  15. If you delete your profile we will keep your profile information for at least 6 weeks. In case you realize what a massive mistake you have made. After that, we may have deleted all details so when you come to your senses, you will need to sign up again.
  16. You should probably be aware, if you have put information on HER and someone else (some third party) has stored that information we cannot control how or when that gets used and will not be held responsible for it. However, be assured that we will only use reputable third parties to store customer information.
  17. If HER links to a third party website you need to be aware that you’ll no longer be under the HER privacy policy so please make sure you are happy with that third party’s privacy policy.
  18. If you don’t use HER for 6 months or more we may delete your account to clear some space on our servers.
  19. Finally, this is the current HER privacy policy but it is likely that we are going to need to update it over time. Every time we do this we will update the policy on our website so you can always stay up to date with the exhilarating joy that is the HER privacy policy.