Community Guidelines

At HER, we connect the dots in the lesbian community. We believe in creating a safe and fun space for queer women around the world.

We’ve created some Community Guidelines that should help explain what our general community vibes are. You’ll get a sense of what we chat about, how we talk and what is cool and not cool to do in the HER community.

  1. Be true to yourself. Which means, use a picture of your beautiful self as your profile picture.  Save the artistic black and white pictures of the beach for your profile items.
  2. Express yourself! Upload a zillion items. Share pictures of your hobby, or cooking, or of an awesome meal, of or your friends. Fuller profiles are better profiles.
  3. No sexygirl349 usernames. No usernames. On HER, we use actual names. First names. We want this to feel like a physical space, where you know the person you’re talking to is an actual person.
  4. Respect others. Don’t say things you wouldn’t say to someone in a bar. Unless you go around lesbian bars saying “tits or gtfo”.
  5. First messages are important! Try not going in with “hi or Hey”. We get it, that’s easier than writing something personal, but trust us, you’ll get a MUCH better response if you ask the girl you are messaging something about herself.
  6. Be active in the community. The best way to get to know other women is by participating in our Feed. Comment on the blog posts with your thoughts and attend the events you want to go to so you can chat in the Comments section to everyone else going as well.

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